As I thought about what to focus on today, thoughts came to mind about today’s daily devotional.  We have been called by God to follow him on a solitary path.  In starting this post the words solitary confinement came to mind and then the words solitary liberation.  We do have a solitary walk with God, an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior who knows every last detail about us.  In Luke chapter 12 the bible says the very hairs on our head are all numbered and that we are of more value than many sparrows.  How awesome is that?  This walk is not a confinement, it is a liberation.  The closer my relationship to God, the more liberated I feel.  I feel a greater desire and ability to focus on Him and not to conform to the things of the world.  I have a greater strength and freedom to be me, as He has created me, as He wants me to be.

I believe the ability to follow my dreams lies in the level of intimacy I have with God.  Often I get caught up in the world.  I think we all do.  There are the basic things we do to survive which occupy our time such as go to work every day, commute time, daily chores, care taking of families…the list is endless.  And the spare time we may have outside of that can easily be occupied with fruitless activity that keeps our minds focused everywhere but on our walk with God.  I think about how easy it is to just plant myself in front of the television watching what amounts to nothing.  If it isn’t TV, it’s the daily dose of junk mail, papers, and magazines or emails telling me about the latest this or that, the best sales, the latest and greatest “things.”  There is no fulfillment in these things of the world, this entertainment…these distractions.

What I am learning is that it takes a concerted effort to keep these things to a minimum.  These distractions can occupy my time and at the end of it all I feel nothing has been gained mentally or spiritually.  If anything, I feel even more overwhelmed from information overload and the fact that I have accomplished nothing as I sat and watched TV or spent hours scrolling through social media.  Whereas, if I take the initiative to read even one bible verse, it often leads me on an unexpected journey through my bible and I can just as easily spend an hour or two reading God’s word.  And at the end of it, there is a satisfaction that I don’t find in watching TV, reading gossip articles, or checking social media.  I feel better, I sleep better, I feel more focused.  The more time I spend doing this, the more time I seem to have.  I feel more motivated and am more productive and less of my time is wasted.  I feel that I can overcome bad habits that I continue to struggle with on a daily basis, such as poor eating habits.  I am taking small steps towards improvement but no matter how small the steps or how slow the progress, the satisfaction I feel inside is so much more.  The more time I spend reading my bible the more I want to be better, do better, the more I want to please God.  The more I want to become what He designed me to be.  The more I want to focus on my purpose and doing the job I was placed here to do.

If you are struggling, I hope sharing my story and challenges will inspire you that life can be better.  God rewards us for our smallest efforts to seek His face.  Spending time with Him, talking with Him, praying to Him will bring you an inner peace that nothing else in this world can equal.  It also has helped me to stop criticizing myself.  Knowing that He loves me just as I am allows me to love myself….just as I am.  I am perfectly imperfect and a work in progress.  I am transforming myself starting with the inside.  The outside will follow.  The inner peace we can feel gives us a beauty that cannot be equaled through the best plastic surgery or make-up.

Where can we go that God is not there?  We are never alone.

Psalm 40:1 – I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry.

1 Corinthians 2:5 – That your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

Romans 15:13 – May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

17 July 2016 Post